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Virginia Challenge (VAC)

Middle School Wrestling Duals Tournament

Weighins Thursday at 6:00 PM, December 6, 2018

Wrestling Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, starting 9:00 AM, December 7-9, 2018

Team Name:  "VA-NVWF"

(A Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation Team)

*** Thursday Weighin Assignment to Mat and Scale Numbers ~ CLICK HERE

- Report to Mat 27 and then Scale 15 on Thursday night just prior to 6:00 PM

- Location:  Virginia Beach Convention Center:  1000 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

*** Updated pool assignments, team lists, and scale assignments all teams posted online ~ Click Here

*** Pool assignments for first day ~ Click Here

*** Team list for middle school teams ~ Click Here

- 40 mats, 60 elementary school teams, 60 middle school teams, each getting 10 matches

- Wrestlers from more than 30 states  ~ Click Here

- Bill Marck, NVVWF Secretary, and commissioner/coach for Dulles Youth Sports, has partnered with clubs in the northern Virginia area to assemble a middle school team.  The group is focused on the following principles for this event:

(1) exposure to higher level wrestling

(2) the opportunity to test your skills against some of the best wrestlers in the area

(3) camaraderie as a team with one or two common diners, visits to the beach, etc

(4) good sportsmanship and the demonstration of being a role model for the community

(5) the opportunity to excel

Contact Information 

- Bill Marck,  , 571-338-5669 cell/evenings

- Simply call, text, or email Bill to get information, registration links/details, or express interests


- VAC Middle School Duals Information Website ~ Click Here

- VAC Team Listings ~ Click Here

- USA Wrestling Membership Cards ~ Click Here 

Middle School Team Details

Middle School Age Division - Grades 6-8 for the 2018-2019 school year

Athletes are required to have active USA memberships (USA Cards ~ $15), there are several ways to purchase a USA card (which expires by August 31st every year):

- Parents may purchase one on their own at the USA Wrestling website ~ Click Here

- Clubs typically purchase cards for wrestlers each year

- We can purchase a card for you for an addional cost of $15

Weight Classes:

- Weights - must wear singlet at weighin and meet the following weights with a 1 lb allowance

   72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 130, 140, 160, 210

  Example, you need need to be 101 pounds on the scale when wearing a singlet



There is only one weigh-in for the entire event: Thursday, Dec 6 afternoon (details TBD)

- You must be wearing a wristband at time of weighin (provided by the team leader Thursday)

- Singlets: wrestlers may wear their own singlets as they choose

Wrestling is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with ten duals guaranteed. 

Event Location:  Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Lodging:  all wrestlers are required to stay at the event hotel provided below.

Tourist Attractions

- Tons of restaurants, shops, and stores along the beach

- Virginia Beach Top Restaurants ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Top Places to Eat ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Tourism ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Shops Images ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Images ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Convention Center ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Acquarium ~ Click Here

- Virginia Beach Acquarium Images ~ Click Here

- Cape Henry Lighthouse ~ Click Here

- Fort Monroe and National Monument ~ Click Here

- Harbour boat site seeing tours ~ Click Here

- Battleship USS Wisconsin Museum ~ Click Here

- This is a great time and place to go for a mini family vacation!

How to get on our middle school team

- Simply call, text, or email Bill to get information, registration links/details, or express interests

- See if a slot exists for the weight class of interest on the team roster ~ Click Here

- Contact Bill Marck if a slot appears open of if someone else has not paid in full

- After discussions or evaluations, provide a check to reserve the roster slot

Costs, Refunds, and Approach

Make payments to: "Bill Marck NVWF VAC MS Duals"

- Cost per wrestler ~ $105 (includes entry fee, however, lodging is separate)

- You own the slot once paid in full and show that you meet the minimum skill level

- Partial refund is granted after a replacement wrestler is found, if you need to cancel

- Reserve your slot prior to Friday, September 28, 2018, 6:00 PM to guarantee your entry

- The team is required to submit full team payment by October 1st 

Payment methods: select from one of the following payments methods to secure a spot

1. Hand a check to Bill Marck in person (call first to make arrangements)

2. Mail a check made payable to "Bill Marck NVWF VAC MS DUALS"

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 261, Aldie, Virginia 20105

3. Use VENMO online using one of two ways:

(a) by using bank to bank transfer with no surcharges

(b) by using credit card with a small surcharge of 3%

Note that you simply search for "William Marck" or "Cynthia Marck" in Venmo and you may have to create an account which is something most of the college kids are using today for easy money transfers. 

*** Please email or text Bill Marck to indicate how and when you provided payment. 


- Wrestlers will need to get lodging for 3 nights including Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings

- Parents may leave their child with another family in accordance with arrangements made in advance of the trip. If a child is left with another family the parents or guardian would not be required stay with them. However, we encourage families to use the event as a mini weekend vacation and enjoy the experience together. 

- The tournament coordinators require that all wrestlers use the hotel assigned to them.

- Our assigned hotel is the "Choice Hotels" chain available online at a discount ~ Click Here

- Remember that you need hotel for Thursday night and checking out on Sunday morning

Hotel information is:

Lisa Underwood (manager)

Comfort Suites

2321 Atlantic Avenue

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

757-491-2400 x241



Other Costs to Consider

- Entry fee for spectators in accordance with the published standard from VAC

- Parking has traditionally been free at the convention center

- Loding and food separately arranged by parents/guardians

- USA Cards are required for each wrestler

Registration Details

- First review the roster status to see availability ~ Click Here

Green text shows those that are paid in full. If someone currently occupies your desired weight class, then merely email Bill to express your interests in case someone drops or cancels out.

- Email your

- full name,

- current weight

- desired weight class

- number of prior years of wrestling experience

- information about yourself

- Names will be reviewed by our coaches and group of managers

- Once selected, you will be given a registration link to check waivers and complete the payment process. 

Convention Center Rules for Coaches, Parents, and Wrestlers ~ Click Here

Area Maps, Convention Center, Wrestling, and Beaches Pictures ~ Click Here

More Maps, Contacts, and Information ~ Click Here

Wrestler Packet ~ Click Here

Coach Roster Procedures:

- See email from Peter Marcolini on November 13th 

- Video on how to enter data online Nov 13th ~ Click Here

- See email from Kap on November 6th

- Video on how to enter data online Nov 6th ~ Click Here