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Contact information:

- See the contacts tab and related information sheet

- Related websites:  See the contacts tab and related information sheet

Practice locations:  

- Lower Loudoun County Area

General information about the club: 

- Multi-sport organization 

- Non-profit 501(c)3 registered in the state of Virginia and active for 2020

- IRS tax exemption pending approval

- Wrestling activities sanctioned and insured by USA Wrestling for the period of time ending August 31, 2020 with plans to renew annually thereafter.

Currently Active for the following Youth Sports: 

- Wrestling 

- Proposal to adopt NOVA Sports & Activities as a new club

- Meeting notice, dtd March 24, 2020

- Memorandum for Board, dtd April 1, 2020

- Encl-1 USA Wrestling Charter for NOVA Sports & Activities

- Encl-2 Petition Signatures of NVWF Club Representatives

- Encl-3 NVWF Club Location Map

- Certificate of Insurance Proof

- Non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation certificate from State of Virginia 

- State of Virginia Letter Confirmation of Non-profit 501(c)3