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Updated as of October 20, 2020


High School Dual Team

Saturday/Sunday, November 14-15, 2020

Duals Format Event

The event moved to the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh!

Other Images of Wrestling and Facility at Convention Center ~ CLICK HERE


Team Name: "BIRDS OF PREY"

Wrestling Website ~ Click Here (TBD)

  • Birds of Prey Wrestling is entering one dual teams as follows:
    • One High School team in grades 8-12 and below

  • If interested, send an email to contacts below with the following information:

    • ​West Penn Duals
    • High School team
    • Wrestler Full Name
    • Weightclass
    • Current weight today
    • Something about the wrestler's skill level and/or accomplishments
    • Parent name, phone number, and email

  • ​Team slots and availability seen the very bottom of this website tab:
    • Team availability through Coach Tyler Atwell (see contact info below). 
    • Once screened by Coach Atwell, slots are first come first served via payment. 
    • Each wrestler pays for one slot entirely (unless someone wants to explicitly share).
    • Select a weight class you have confidence in making; don't try to drop dramatically in weight.

  • Main Tournament Website Information Site ~ CLICK HERE

    • This tournament is arranged under the Tyrant organization series of events. 

  • Tournament Location:  
    • LocationThe event moved to the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh
    • Location Map ~ Click Here
    • Address1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    • Notes:  ​​
      • 3 hour drive from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
      • 3.5 hours from Leesburg, Virginia 
      • This event is independent of USA Wrestling or Public Schools, and therefore would commence according to Pennsylvania guidelines regarding COVID-19. 
      • There is a small chance that the tournament could be moved to Philadelphia based on trends from other Tyrant tournaments that were moved from Pittsburgh and York similarly.

  • Competition dates:  Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15, 2020

  • Number of meets:  8 dual meets for all 24 HS teams across two days.

  • Competition times for all HS teams:
    • 9:00 AM start on Saturday.
    • ​8:00 AM start on Sunday.

  • Weighin Options:
    • Normal weigh-in times for all dual teams:  Friday, 6:00-8:00 PM
    • Early weigh-in times ($20 extra on site):  Friday, 2:00-4:00 PM
    • Anyone can weigh-in at any time with or without the team present.

  • Medical Form for Weighins:
    • Get a doctor to review fillout the form for any pimples or strange body marks 3 days prior.
    • Form is available online ~ CLICK HERE

  • Contacts:

    • Contact-1
      • Tyler Atwell, Head Coach
      • Phone:  540-717-3141 (cell phone)
      • ​Email: 
    • Contact-2
      • Bill Marck, Administrator
      • Phone:  571-338-5669 (cell/evenings)
      • Email: 

    • Note
      • Teams for this event are being coached by Tyler Atwell.
      • This website and payment coordination is through Bill Marck.  

  • Cost: 
    • $70 per wrestler 
    • See refund policy below. 

  • Payment methods:
    • PayPal (use the friends button to avoid charges):  
    • Add the following information in the PayPal Comments Line (to get information later):

      • ​West Penn Duals
      • High School team
      • Wrestler Full Name
      • Weightclass
      • Parent name, phone number, and email

  • Refund Policy:
    • Refunds are provided in full if tournament is cancelled for COVID. 
    • No refunds are provided after October 1st. 

  • Wrestling Cards are not required from USA Wrestling, AAU, or Nuway for this event. 

  • Waivers & Liabilities:
    • Upon the act of providing payment, means parents/guardians of wrestlers acknowledge risks associated with wrestling and will not hold Bill Marck, Tyler Atwell, Tyrant Organizers, Coaches, or Referees responsible for injuries, illness, or problems encountered prior to, during, or after this tournament.
    • Parents acknowledge they will use their own insurance for deductables, doctors visits, and/or any related illnesses presumed to be associated with this event. 

  • Singlet Requirements:
    • Singlets are mandatory for competition.
    • Wrestlers may wear their own singlets.
    • Wrestlers may purchase singlets from the team store (optional).

  • T-Shirts and Apparel:
    • Wrestlers may wear their own gear but it must be respectful.
    • Wrestlers may purchase gear from the team store (optional-TBD). 

  • ​Team Store ~ Click Here(TBD)
    • ​Allow for some for delivery.
    • Parents may purchase directly from the store with shipment directly to home. 

  • Hotels:
    • As of the above date, everyone is generally on their own to find a hotel.
    • We are suppose to use the tournament director's hotel discount information.
    • See the main website link above and click the Hotel tab for details. 
    • Exceptions to using the tournament hotels, are when parents and wrestlers get their own hotel or accommodations when staying with family, friends, B&B, or their own special arrangements. 

  • Covid Safety Procedures for Tyrant Organization Tournaments:

    • This safety plan was developed by medical professionals under the guidelines of the CDC and the COVID-19 guidance for Pennsylvania Businesses. The Tyrant COVID-19 safety team is dedicated to providing and ensuring thorough safety measures in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    Below were the safety procedures implemented by Tyrant Wrestling at Bison Duals

    • All competitors must complete a COVID-19 waiver (at weigh-ins).
    • Wrestlers, staff, officials and spectators are required to wear a mask in the building at all times. With the only exception being children 2 & under and those who are actively wrestling and officiating.
    • Wrestlers will be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms as well as have their temperatures checked with a noncontact thermometer upon entry for weigh-ins. Any wrestler with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will be denied entry. 
    •  All wrestlers, staff, officials and spectators will be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms as well as have their temperatures checked with a noncontact thermometer upon entry into the building each day. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will be denied entry. 
    • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer will be placed at each score table and around the general space of the facility. Wrestlers will be encouraged to be wiped down after each match.
    • Score tables and other equipment will be wiped down after each round of wrestling. 
    • Social distancing will be required.
    • Wrestlers will not shake coaches’ hands after the match.
    • Officials will not raise the winning wrestlers hand. He will identify the winning wrestler through raising his own hand of the appropriate color. 
    • Anyone with a compromised health condition or those experiencing symptoms should stay home.
    • Doorways will be designated as entrance only and exit only. 



    As of 10-20-2020


    Bright green means payment provided directly to Coach Tyler Atwell from wrestler.
    Light green means payment made via PayPal to Bill Marck.
    Dark green means payment transferred from Bill Marck to Tyler Atwell.
    Slots Wt Class Cleared Wrestlers Comments
    1 98    
    2 106    
    3 113 Nicholas Marck Paid via PayPal.
    4 120 Jackson Stroud  
    5 126 Dyson Dunham  
    6 132 DJ Richards  
    7 138 Hunter Brown?  
    8 145 Cooper Lockhart/Bryce Frost  
    9 152 Nick Walsh  
    10 160 Taylor Jenkins/Brennan Komelasky See TA email.
    11 170 Eric DeWald  
    12 182    
    13 195 Ben Bell See TA email.
    14 220    
    15 285 JP Nevins